Capital hill dome

I think I finely figure it out. There are 72 stars painted on the dome and there are 5 octagon that surround each one which makes a total of 360 all together. The whole thing is one big wheel.

This proves that America is the king of all kings and everything of have and have not goes through the “power that be” But it can’t go past 360 because there is a -360 that goes with it.

This also has to do with the 72 names of god and also shows why time goes forward, backwards, slow and fast. call me crazy but such an ideal will enslave peoples soul because of Christ, the 3 eclipse. The biggest mistake of our creator is making us in his image the first place. Which proves my theory that everything bad goes through the god.

Ok, you’re crazy…

Thanks A_C.

This is so shocking. Finally the evidence that the world was searching for has been discovered and it was right in front of all of us! Now we must submit this information to the world and show where the compass to the fate of humanity has been pointing. I think that you made the right decision to come to this forum & not doubt the moderators will be ready to close this thread. But never mind! We know now.

This is the discovery of the ages and history will remember you forever!

Al Capone: Please don’t use the Christian faith and the Bible to validate your claims, that gives a very wrong impression of the faith and its believers and is far from the actual teachings and also doesn’t accurately tell who God is.


Note to PlantPerson, I tried not to stray from the forum rules too much by not doing any actual preaching, but I didn’t want to let this turn into another bashing round on my faith.

Well, CD, you’ve put a bad face on Christianity a few times yourself… but of course, that’s not a valid subject for discussion here.

This is bound to get locked eventually, so I’ll just lock it now. But thanks for sharing this Al, this is a significant discovery.