CapnSnazzy's Sketchbook

Hello Everyone!
I’ve been meaning to start one of these sketchbooks for awhile now. You know the game- get caught up in a render. Create another image or half an image, render settings to MAX and stare at the screen and watch it load like a slow motion movie - even though I have a speedy computer that can render things super quick. The faster my computer, the more passes I expect and the larger the screen size resolution. No matter how fast the computer I’m going to render in a way that I have to wait for it, sitting and staring at the screen. Programming an artist and watching it work.

I’m a meat space painter at heart but took this last year to focus on blender skills and give my brushes a break.
Hope you enjoy my images!


Blender for president!
Would love to hear some harsh criticisms, critiques and the kind of comments that will echo through my head as I create the next image. The kind of structured noise that causes me to think “I’ll show them!”.

It’s kind of a funny thing to get motivated as such. Often I’ve thought about coaches sitting in two different camps. There is the commander, army style - “do this you worthless shit!” and the golf caddy style “here is the right golf club, you got this, I’ll just sit back here quietly and watch you ace it”

I’m not sure which is better. Opinions?


This one was sculpted and retop’oed in blender but I used Substance Painter to colour it…


This is a procedural texture on a generated tree with stacks of cash for leaves - the money tree.

Thanks much for any comments and criticisms, greatly appreciated!


Hey Capnsnazzy,

welcome to the sketchbook world :cool: My only input concerning your work would be to familiarize yourself with the concept of focal points in art if interesting surreal scenes like these are what you are into (and apply it in your images of course ;)). Here´s a bunch of youtube videos:

Also you might want to play more with materials. Here´s a nice addon that I reecommend checking out:

General advice: Keep making a lot of art, do the things you´re into, compare what you do with things that are similar but better and think about what the artists that create those images are doing differently and you´ll improve.
Personal advice (this is very arguable, feel free to disagree): Don´t post everything you create, only post things if you really like them. If you don´t, chances are others won´t either. This is probably too obvious… well… … (My personal rule of thumb is: out of 10 personal sculpts I maybe post 1 in my sketchbook and usually even that is quite rough, but… I kinda like it:eyebrowlift:)

Keep up the work man and kick some ass!

Playing around with a fractal of my head…
Not very high res but just playing around, it’s sketchbook section right?