Caps Lock?

Does anyone know how to use caps lock in the game engine? I tried it with a keyboard sensor, but apparently there was no input (This happened on both my pc’s). I also not the best person in the world at python, either…

Thank you!

the short answer is that the keyboard sensor is not case sensitive, so upper and lower case is irrelevant.

Such a piece of software with this kind of… bullshit what else i can write.
The button doesn’t even work, which kills the whole apetite to continue of being a fan of
this legacy from 1500 or earlier i gues while everyone in this generation is lieing about it to harvest credit from it. Or maybe Nikola Tesla programmed blender?

the keyboard sensor is part of the game engine, blender as a whole support upper and lower case just fine.

i am not interested in using text objects because i dont know the characters values which add up for indicating mistakes in typed in words. I can imagine unseen stuff like what happens when space
is being pressed for something to go through a word and stop by bumping in previous space or left side of the input field to change actions to indicate mistakes or bring up whatever i want to bring up… this is like birthday cake without cherry or candles which should be fixed while a lot of other things in life should be fixed but seems like money opens traps and even what theys traps may say

instead of ranting and writing gibberish, maybe if you tried to explain what you want to make it would be easier to find a solution.

I like to rant and write gibberish, spite the fact i am not allowed to print money because i am threatened with jail imprisonment for 20 years.
And now i am pushed to imitate caps lock function by coming up with something awkward from what writer or potential player in a project would be used to for typing or for what the damn capslock button has been made for while the frikkin keyboard sensor doesnt even recognize it while it could be a reason from which a potential player could stop playing and say that this projects typing is wrecked, don’t buy his product. Not everyone wants to learn your python because it is not written by themselves to keep struggling with their memory problems or learning difficulties.


yes you get the result from the caps lock is selected or not, but this does not detect if it is selected or not.

here is an example using python to solve it, not perfect.
(for linux )

import subprocess

x=subprocess.check_output('xset q | grep LED', shell=True)[65]
if x==48 or x==50:
    print("caps off")
    if x == 48:
        print("num off")
        print("num on")
elif x==49 or x==51:
    print("caps on")
    if x == 49:
        print("num off")
        print("num on")