Captain K'nuckles From flapjack (FanArt)


here is a render i did of the character k’nuckles from the cartoon network series “The marvelous misadventures of flapjack”

Check out a time lapse here

that’s really cool! Love the skin texure

No crits from me all the textures work well.

thank you very much! :3

thank you! i was worried the coat texture didn’t really work well. :slight_smile: and while i still don’t think its as nice as it could be i am glad you find it acceptable.

The only thing I would say, is if you’re going for a more pixar look, keep the character a simple diffuse. And the SSS or translucency? (I can’t tell which one you used) is perhaps overdone on the clothing.

weird… i used translucently on the clothing originally but i didn’t like how it looked so i cut it out… yea there isn’t ether on the clothing just checked the blend. XD… unless you meant the face. there is some sss on the face. i wasn’t really going for any particular style… just trying to convert the character from 2d to 3d.

That’s really strange, because if you look on the coat it looks as if the underneath is shining through.

i think thats the way i painted his coat XD giving it some color variation. i do see what your saying though.

Yeah that must be it!, it would be really cool if you could rig and animate him? Maybe for your next project?

nah rigging and animation is out of the question… >3>… he is modeled in that pose… as a challenge. XD it gave him more inherent life but … cant do anything else with it :stuck_out_tongue: my next fanart pieces i do as background time lapses for some things i talk about in you tube videos will probably be done in a way that they can be rigged and animated if need be. but i have my own animated characters id rather bring to life. in my animation for the near future.

Yeah very true, you’d have to remodel him more or less from scratch in a standing pose with arms outstretched to rig him. Nice work though.

yeah XD lol thank you very much :slight_smile: