captain lechuck

captain lechuck, blender and 3dcoat…rendered in blender internal


Nice one. I love monkey island :slight_smile:

pretty cool, how did you do the green fire?

We can see a wire ? It’s really fun.

haha awesome, I love it!

This is so fabulous

I voted 5 stars for this … cause there isnt 6 stars. Apart from being a huge fan of the game, this is awesome. If there were skulls forming from the green smoke I would have pooped my pants. Great piece.

Would love to see a wireframe aswell.

Fantastic piratey goodness!

Best LeChuck fanart ever.

Very nice guy! congrats!! :wink:

hei guys, thank for the reply…this is the wire

for the fire i have used the free texture of flame from CGtexture!! :wink:



Can you please make a render with the following resolution of 1680x1050 so I can use it as a wallpaper for my laptop? PLEASE!!!:o

love monkey island


welldone Beppe!

Sooo cool. The green mist looks so touchable. The curly beard is also well done. For some reason I like it /can see it even better in the wire. :smiley:
The hat is just fabulous.

@ brokenrecord Yes you are right. For example I like the details on the fingers and the nails. Unfortunately from this render distance you cant realy catch them. Great effort once more. It can easily be mistaken for a still from the game.

Interesting, I’ve been a great fan of Monkey Island and LeChuck (:D) ever since the original The Secret of Monkey Island on my Amiga 500 :slight_smile: