Car body modeling, looking for help/suggestions

Hi everyone,
I have been using blender on and off for awhile now, however I always run into the same problem which has been the reason I have stopped using blender many times in the past. The problem I always run into on every modeling project I attempt is keeping a clean and bump free mesh. I always end up with many surface irregularities on my car body meshes and when I try to correct them by moving vertices/edges the problem just becomes worse. I watched the mesh modeling tutorial and modeling timelapse videos from the Creature Factory DVD. It introduced me to some helpful modeling tools that I didn’t know about before, but I still can’t seem to fix my bumpy meshes. In the DVD the model appears to start out the way most of my attempts do, but somehow he manages to push/pull vertices and edges until the mesh is flawless while when I try to do the same thing I end up with a worse model than before. From what I can tell all he does is push/pull vertices and use the smooth tool extensively, I have tried the same technique with no success. Here is one of my many incomplete car body models (Subaru WRX STI) that I am currently working on, does anyone have any hints/tips for me?


wow cool nice model


actually I think this is a very good start!

This aside, I know your problems because I tend to stumble into them on every new project. I guess it really is a matter of practice - practicing your eyes, your sense for 3d, so you’ll know where and how far you have to push them vertices. There is no magic button :slight_smile:
If you take a look at my car thread (link in signature) you’ll find that I restarted the model at least three times - completely anew. And the final result is still not free of bumps.

There really aren’t that many tools you need for car modeling (at least as far as I am concerned) - smooth, cut new edge loop, extrude, grab, scale, rotate. Sometimes you’ll use the 3d-cursor as pivot point for the last two.
As far as strategies or hints go I can say only this: Model it as it was done in the real world - part by part. Use edges of completed parts as starting points for the next part by separating those edges (p_key).

Hope this helps a bit.
Keep it up!

I think the photos I posted make the mesh look alot cleaner than it really is, if you want to see how bad it really is I could post a render with a reflective material :wink: .

Nice looking car design! On my many attempted car models I have started from scratch many times also, the problem is I can never seem to complete a mesh that I am happy with. Maybe I am using the smooth tool incorrectly; instead of removing bumps in the mesh it seems to just spread out the vertices and usually results in a mesh that no longer follows the blueprints. Any suggestions for working with the smooth tool?
Thanks for your help!

No real suggestion. But you might want to post the blend? Or at least part of the troublesome mesh? Maybe I’ll find some time this weekend for looking at it.