Car Chase Animation // Blender 2.9 CGI

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Here is my final render for a Blender 2.90 CGI animation rendered on Cycles: A car chase with an Audi Q7 and a Audi RS4 Police car chasing through the city…
The vehicles come from the add-on “Transportation”: Cars are imported in Blender with the add-on, uv unwraped in Blender and textured in Substance Painter.

I use the RIGACAR add-on by digiCreatures for all the vehicles of this shot:

The vehicles, that compose the traffic, are animated with the same curve that create the road. All assets are high-poly but managed with an instance system. In that way, it’s possible to duplicate each vehicle many times, without overloading the scene in Blender. I added a random color gradient on the shader car paint of each vehicle, which allows to obtain a new color when I duplicate the car.

The building comes from the Metropolitan pack by videoCopilot:

More details on the Project:
This project was carried out over two weeks, during my free time. I had to make compromises especially on the compositing.

// Workflow
No modeling involved in this project. Just assets arrangement, UV set and shading.
Assets textured on Subtance Painter
Assets animated on Blender 2.90
Render in Full HD with Blender 2.90 Cycles (1000 samples) on a RTX 2080TI (7 mins/frame) and GTX 1070 (about 28 mins/frame)
Render in Full HD with Blender 2.9 Eevee render engine for the volumetric pass
Post-production & Compositing on After Effects 2020

// PC Spec
i7 6700
RTX 2080Ti

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Thanks again Bart! great week-end too

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