Car modeling beginner help! curving techniques and tutorials please

hi everyone. first time to model a car (or try to model a car) can you tell me if what you see is ok or not? in terms of vertices. does it have to look neat!? this is my way to curving. i keep subdividing whenever i need more vertices for curving!! (FYI im hating the mirror modifier. not working for me haha…)

also if you general advice or tutorials on how to model cars it would be great

Hi, I’ve never modeled a car so probably can’t be of much help in that regard but it seems to me that its neccesary to use the mirror modifier. What problem are you having with the mirror modifier?

Hi, you need to make sure you have a clean continues loops flow.
The mirror works from the position of your object origin so you need to position it where you want the two halves to merge.
here is example of loops clean continues flow:

Thanks. Ill try to use it again.

@digitvisions now here is the hood using a mirror modifier (finally getting more comfortable with it). however, do you see the mirrored side of the hood (left side) is not touching the edge of the blueprint! why is that? do i ignore it?

Don’t focus too much on blueprint errors. Only focus on the flow of the shape, you can also use photo references for some areas.

As for your hood, you’re using too much geometry and can get away with using half that much; use the subdivision modifier to make up for lack of geometry but don’t apply it. You also do not want straight lines unless the surface is perfectly flat, your geometry needs to flow with the shape of the car.

thanks @GrimZA. bear with me, total noob here. so yes i will decrease subdivisions and save it for later using sub mod.

i am trying to grasp how to the hood. i have it flat from top view. do i look at it from front and bend it?

Model the middle of the hood first from the side, you can get away with using 8-10 vertices. Select the whole row and set the top vertex as the active element, extrude to the side from top view and line it up with the top of the hood, scale on the Y axis to line up the bottom vertices. Use shearing to rotate the row where needed. Repeat the step 3-4 times until you reach the side and then do touch ups on the flow.

There is a paid car modeling tutorial from CG Masters:

I can PM you the part where they model the hood and set up the blueprint tonight if you want, should give you a feel if the tutorial is worth the money (Hint: It is :slight_smile:)

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@GrimZA thank you for all the advice. i will probably purchase it. as i am very interested in modeling cars + im sure this is going to give me a push in modelling in general and more. thanks again. i will keep you posted on my progress. hopefully i will impress. just bare with me :smiley:

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You’re welcome, there are some shortcut and UI differences between 2.79 (the version the tutorial is using) and the current version of Blender. It’s a minor hiccup but give me a shout if you need any help.

Sorry, my internet was down for the last twelve hours. but i see you have got some good advise anyway.

CG masters corvette tutorial is by far the best investment you can make for this type of skill in blender

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Im very excited cant wait to go home after along day and start on the tutorial

Yes great advise. But plz keep it coming!! :smiley:

Thats fine ill manage. And of course ill tell u if i get stuck. Thank you. Honestly this community is very friendly and full of help