Car modeling: How do I make these notches between the doors ?

Hey Guys whats up, I gotta Question for you all
I am modeling a Car right now, and ofc I try to look after the topology as good as possible, so it stays somewhat clean.
But now there are these doors where inbetween are these notches which I also need to model out, but throughthe CTRL + B (Bevel tool) I would mess up the Mesh quite alot. To illustrate what I mean, Im posting an image which notches I mean.

Got any advice how to overcome this ? Im Fairly new to car modeling, so Im prepared for some bashing :stuck_out_tongue:
For my part, I got the idea of unwrapping the whole model after its finished and simply add some bump to fake the lines, but I would rather like to know how its done through Modeling (less stressful later on with setting up all the Materials and stuff u know)

Thanks in Advance !


Usually car panels are modeled as separate parts. If you’re using sub-d just separate the panels, get your panels one by one, extrude inwards the outer edges and your panel lines get self done. Anyway, it also depends about the end model you’re aimong for: real time game, archviz, high resolution and so on.