Car modelling Issue.

I’ve just started modelling an audi tt. It was all going fine till I started to model the front wheel surround. For some reason when I add the last face to the top part, I get a black sort of line appear. And when i yafray render that part, the black shows up realy badly.

Anyone any idea how to render it without it showing or to get rid of it all together?
Any helps appreciated.


Recalculating normals (Ctrl + n) should fix it

There´s more wrong than the normals… its a good start, but on the lower right screenshot the quad above the one with the black shaded sharp corner…
its a ngon, it has 5 vertices… its a no-go.
and you might want to get rid of the triangle now, else lateron you will have troubles with the subsurf mod.

Yes, make sure you select it in edit mode then Ctrl+n.

Cheers guys, problem solved. Normals reset, and the triangle got rid of. Looks loads better. Thanks alot.