Car modelling tutorial

Can we make a interactive tutorial for modelling a car where newbies like my self will be given directions by a director to model a specific car and everyone posts thier misunderstandings
do we have any volunteers for the positions?
Director (for modelling the car)-?
Director (for materials)-

[>] any body? [!] :frowning:

I’ll help, if possible. Basically, when modeling a car you should know enough about Blender to do it.

Everyone has their own methods.

Most importantly. Have a lot of accurate references.
I model a car from the side first. I start with a plane, and delete the plane, in order to actually start from a single vertex. I trace the side view, one vertex at a time. Working in QUADS only (no triangles).

I go to front view and adjust the vertices of the side accordingly.

I go to top view and extrude the vertices as needed. I add loops to mesh (Crtl+R), in order to add door seams, handle locations and tight edges.

At this point, I mirror the car’s mesh and join it, to see my progress. Then I delete the joined half to make it easier to continue on modeling.

While modeling, I go toggle SubSurf on, to make sure that no weird effects happen.

I save the project often with sequential names, in order to revert back to a previous state, in-case a disaster should occur.

Plan on spending no less than 80 hours making the car, unless you accept crappy work as finished.

When needed, I Hide some vertices to concentrate on critical sections.

When I feel that the basic shape of the car is finished, I create detailed seams and “cut” the doors into place. Some people just create a fake seam, but I like to be able to “open the doors” if needed. It is your choice.

There is a lot of tweaking involved, such as evening the vertices, fixing bumps and tightening edges.

I add the windows, and then the trim.

There is a lot of stuff to do. Bumpers, handles, tires, chrome, tail lights, mirrors, glass, shaders, colors, lighting, etc…

I am almost ashamed to say, but I have spent over 3 weeks building my car (still not quite finished), seems like a lot of time to many people, but not me.

Here’s a list of cars rendered in Blender (YafRay too)…

Here’s mine…

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I suck horribly at car modelling, I can’t be any help.


You can try this tutorial:

It is not Blender specific, but clear enough to be translated in Blender.

Tools in Blender:

  • Subsurf (F9 - Modifiers - Subsurf)
  • Mirror (F9 - Modifiers - Mirror)
  • Subdivide (F9 - Mesh Tools - Subdivide)
  • Knife (Ctrl + R)
  • Extrude (E)

You can even download the pdf file. Enjoy :slight_smile:

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I hope you didn’t PM everybody.

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So we cant do like CG and thier tutorial but make it in chapters and explain it to some1

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