Car modling problems with 1st step

well as it goes i am new to blender but have used XSI before and well i have this problem with a blueprint, or its just blender. anyways i am folowing this stem by stem as to setting up blueprints and scaling the cube but the cume has been scaled to the *top view berfictle. now the anoying part is the side view. whenever i adjust the cobe my top view gets huge. i mean HUGE. check it out.

any help would be great : )

Well, in your image there, from bumper to bumper is about 10 units long. But it’s also 10 units from mirror to mirror. Since a car is longer than it is wide, this is probably not what you want ;-). Don’t worry, it’s not your fault; it’s Blender’s weird way of doing it.

Blender doesn’t size the background picture based on 1 pixel = 1 unit. Instead, it considers the entire width of the picture to be a unit, no matter how many pixels it has. Therefore, to have the pixels of different views match in Blender units, you can do 1 of 2 things:

  1. Pad your blueprints with whitespace so that they are all the same pixels across. Then, one pixel will equal the same unit in every pic.
  2. Use the “scale” button in the Backround Image window to adjust the size of the background images so they match up.

It’s confusing, to be sure. But there is a reason for it – however, the reason escapes me at this moment…

when I model with blueprints, I put all the views in a single image file, and make keyframes for ‘loc’ on various frames to snap it into position according to what view I am in.

well the images are from and are evenprobortion as i was saying i go to extend my square but its messing messing up my top view as if its using the same stuff. well anyways the one thats out of proportion is actually the “Front View”.