Car Paint

Ok so i have been trying to texture my car in blender 2.83. Unfortunately i am not able to get the right node setup which just seems realistic. I am looking for a sports car paint type material, the one which has flakes. Can anybody suggest anything
Thanks in advance !

“Classic” car paint node setup )

though the add on is fab… this particular material i didnt find to be good… can u suggest something else?

This would be my approach.
FlakyPaint.blend (1.8 MB)
Aluminium flakes are tinted towards the edge as if total internal reflections in the layer is reflected onto the flake. Base paint has reduced specular to compensate for layer interface, but I didn’t calculate anything. Flakes are also simply mixed in, no attempts on reducing their size as that tends to make it a lot more complicated. The two last specular layers reduce the base and flake layer automatically, there is no messing around on diffuse.

Is this “correct”? Honestly, I have no idea. But this would be my approach.

wwwooooooaaaaaahhhhh thanks man for creating this XD