Car photoBKG render - Skoda 130RS Rallye

Hi there,

this is my 2nd attempt to model and render a car - also 1st try to render it on a photo BKG so all the critics and ideas are and will be very appreciated because I know its NOT perfect so please guys…

 Sincerely, Jan

PS: This is imo the GREATEST racing car in Czech history … olso made the double on MonteCarlo back in 1977!

hi, good job I think, model of this car looks very realistic, also materials…but I not sure about lighting and reflection. Maybe throught the windows trees should be visible, or they should be reflected in windows.
sorry for my english :smiley: I hope you understand

Yep, I totally understand mate. Windows are reflective but probably lower than they should be - yep.


This time a rear view with updated scene to render the windows transparency right…

Hope its better - I will add the updated front view soon.

 Sincerely, JayM


It´s much better, like a real photo

:slight_smile: thx mate :slight_smile: