Car Problem

Hello, all Blender Artists! :slight_smile:

I`ve been working on a car game, just for fun. I am not good at python scipting,
but I try to learn it.
Well, I followed the tutorial “Vehicle Wrapper” at Tutoirals For Blender 3D (A website),
and my problem is that the car seem a little bit crazy. (The car is not as it should be)

Here is a .Blend file, if you need that:
Hot rod-High Poly.blend (382 KB)

Here is a picture if you want to see a little bit:

What did I do wrong? :confused:

Thanks in advance for those who can help.

Hi Blender Nerd,

The position of the tire wheel wells for your hot rod are different than the wheel wells of the original car. Change where the tires are placed in the (code under ‘tire position from car object center’)

Also the car setup only needs to run one time. Change the always sensor from run always to run once. (With the always sensor set to run always, the frame rate drops to almost 0.)

Since this is a hot rod and you’re using convex hull for your bounds, you might want to lower the object center. The closer the car object center is to the center of the tires, the better it will handle.

Hot rod-High Poly-A.blend (152 KB)


Finally it`s works!
Thank you.