car render (audi a5)

Hi everyone,

after a few months of using blender, I decided that it’s time to get some critique ;). Comments for improvement and opinions are highly appreciated!


I think the headlights miss some visible “interior” like bulbs, dont they ? Look a bit opaque now… except for the enabled lights. Or is this intended in newer led headlights ?
Maybe the light glare / blur is a bit too high.

Front tire profile looks appropriate, rear tire profile is missing ?

Model / Paint:
Model and car paint look good from this angle,
Maybe the reflection on the lower part of the windshield and above the left headlight is a bit off. and you cannot see through the windows :slight_smile:

and you have the same problem as me, the door, its too flat. the a5 has a defined line on it

headlights are missing a lot of detail and are mostly blank. look at this reference:

the headlights should be whiter
blank license plate is wierd
logo should be more 3d and shinier
tire tex is too small
the a5 has a line on the door

some other stuff is missing but it is tiny anyway. like others said the glass is not transparent enough.
very nicely modeled though :slight_smile:


thank you all for your comments. I will spend more time on modelling the headlights and some other things I’ve noticed after posting :wink:
If I reduce the reflection of the windshield I should add an interior, so it could take a while before I post an updated version

more images should be posted if a geom. validation should be done. your carpaint is a solid start but could be improved. try to work with a 2-layer material. the overall renderscene could be improved. i would google something about “Studio renders” for a studio render i wouldn bank the camera. hope this hepls a bit :slight_smile:

This was a double post and I couldn’t find the delete button, sorry for that

Hey, thanks for your critique. I added some details (it’s now a RS 5) and corrected some modelling issues. I am still working on the car paint and the lighting, so it’s not perfect.
Again, critique is appreciated. :wink:

It’s looking good! Don’t forget the fresnel fall off on car paint :wink:
Also with reflective paint reflective, don’t forget to soften the edges on your light cards to emulate real life studio lighting.
Can’t wait to see the new updates! :smiley:

there are tiny bumps here and there.But the model itself is looking good.

In first render u have some issues with the lightning, the second render seems the same. Also the material setup, but you already told us ur materials are still a WIP. Anyway looks good, keep up the work. Try to google for some car studio renders. Use an HDRI photo studio environment. You can find lots of it on and… :slight_smile: