Car script parenting problem


I’m using a car script from this tutorial:

I wan’t to attach different objects (like shock absorbers) to the vehicles body. If I parent the objects to the cars body, the objects move very odd. Is there a way to parent objects to the car body, without them moving all over the place?

here’s the problem:

What kind of physics ds you have the car set at? And what setting for the other objects?

(There’s nothing at that second link)

(OOPS! yes there is! But it doesn’t show your problem)

I’m glad to try to help you, but my operating system ( DebianGNU/Linux) can’t watch your problem!
Anyway, “Parenting” could be tricky, read some docs about the subject, maybe?

as i see it you mean the cube?, first of all it looks like its out of scale, hit alt R, alt G, alt S, this will fix the out of scale settings (rotation, position, scaling), then you place it on the spot you want it to be and parent it to anything you like. depending on what you want you can use vertex parent aswell, so the parented item can still transform but stays in place.