Car Simulator Game in BGE

I have a 3D model of a car. .now want to have it accelerate,deaccelerate,stop,turn left and right. .do i have to make the wheels dynamic. .for that ? should have a tutorial for what you are wanting.

also a blend file if you need an example. download the version of blender your using.


Just tested. .i guess they didnt used the physics engine but a script whose output is quite unrealistic !

No. You are wrong.
This script is using the Bullet physics (vehicle wrapper). Only if something is using physic, it don’t must look l realistic.
You need to set up the values better to get better realistic result.

Have a look at the attached blend. Play with the parameter in the top part of the Move the wheels and scale the wheel mesh. If you have any questions just ask.


Driver24_.blend (258 KB)

@Raco:i am using Blender 2.66…so downloaded the 2.6 blend file !
@HG1 : ok…i think i will have to create a python scirpt with proper values…to get realistic results…i want the car to behave like the cars in NFS SHIFT 2 and other Car Simulator Games…i mean tough to control…where will i find those values…like acceleration of a car,downforce etc datas of any car…please give me the link !

Okay :wink: Have a look at my blend if you are searching for smooth wheel turning and easy control over values.