Car tut help

Well I did the all famous Car tut.

Doesn’t work. I did everything.

Could you take a look, see whats wrong, and tell me how to fix it so next time I know? I 'aint asking you to do it for me :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks in advance.

Ha Ha the file was 1 KB over the limit. AK! Here it is.

i’ve tried that tut a bunch of times.
it never works no matter what… :\

Me too. I’ve done it twice.

Okay you have a few problems in the script and your objects names. You also have your van our of position.

First off, some of the python scripting should be indented. If you look at that little window underneath blender, it will show your mistakes.

Secondly, your wheels object names didn’t match the ones in the script.

Thirdly, the van’s center point was too high. Now you can see the wheels.

Now I redid it for you, but you still have a position the wheels according to where your van’s axils are. See attachment


Chev_Astro_Van_Driveing.blend (976 KB)

Aw man, thanks! I thought the wheel names were right, lolz.

edit: still dont work and I did everything you said :open_mouth:

Oops, heres the right attachment. I already set up the wheels in the proper spot and adjusted them. I forgot to indent a couple other things in There you go. Now it should work fine.


Chev_Astro_Van_Driveing.blend (976 KB)

Thanks so much!!!

what did I do wrong exactly, for next time?

double post sorry

Just remember the outcomes after the if statement must be indented. If you see my other post, I attached an image of some of the python scripting. Where the arrows are, thats where it should be indented. If it is not indented, it wont work, and in the python command prompt you will see a message like - line35 in, expected indent not there - or something like that.

Also make sure you set your wheels in the correct position and give them the right radius via the

If you need anything else, let me know

thanks a lot :smiley: