So I have a player, and a car. What I want to do is when I walk next to it and press “f” I will be inside the car,and able to drive it. With my player inside the car I press “f” again can I get out the car and control my player. Please help I was trying for ages to get it working:(.

This is quite a complex thing. What is getting in a car?

  1. Graphics: an animation sequence presumably, though switching models is a possibiility
  2. Changing Camera
  3. Changing what the player controls. Have a look at the state system. Have a player state for in the car and one for out the car.

But how would you do all of this?
I know how to do the animations, but not the other two, I am willing to learn.

Do this first and then i will tell you more.
Put two cameras in the scene.Parent one of them to the car.
When you open blender click where it say’s Blender render at the top a menue should pop up.Then select Blender Game.
Then click on 3D view on the side a menue should pop up.Then click on the game controller icon.Then it will show you the game logic panel.It will have on it add sensor,add controller and add sensor.This is where you will be doing your programming.
When you open blender click where it say’s Blender render at the top a menue should pop up.Then select Blender Game.
Put a near sensor on the car door.Put a property on the character that gets in the car name it what you like.Click On the property field on the near sensor and type the name of the property that is on on the character.Click on the distance field and then type the number you want.Connect the near sensor of the car door to a keyboard sensor.Click on the keyboard sensor key field and then press a key.Select any of them.But you have to have a and contrller to connect them to.
Connect the near sensor on the car door to a and controller and then connect that to a set camera actuator.You will have to search for that in the actuator menue and sub menues.In the camera object field on the set camera actuator name that the name of the camera parented to the car.

This might sound stupid, but I have been using Blender game engine for 2 years, but I Can’t find the set camera actuator, is it just the camera actuator because that only tracks. And I tried look on blender wiki for this actuator and apparently it wasn’t there.:frowning:

It is in the scene actuator sub menue.You click on restart on the scene actuator to find it.

K. I have done it up to there, what next, so how to make my body disappear when in the car and reappear out of the car

You have to parent your character sitting down in the car seat.You have to put a near sensor on the character outside of the car
and connect it to a and controller.Then connect that and controller to a keyboard sensor.Then click on the key field for keyboard sensor and then press the key you want for that.For the near sensor click on the first box with three dots in it and then click on the property field and type a name in that.Then click on the distance field and then put a number in there.
Put the same property on your car that you put in the near sensor.Then you add a message actuator to your character and then connect it to the and on the To field of the message actuator put the character’s armature name that is sitting in the chair of the car.Click on the Subject field of the message actuator and put a word in that you like.Click on the armature
of the identical character in the chair and then put a message sensor on it.Put in it’s subject field the same subject as the
message actuator of the character standing up.Then connect that to a and controller.Then connect that and controller to a visibility actuator.On the visibility actuator click on the arrow by the word visibility.I hope you understand.Ask me what else you want.If you need anymore help.

umm… yeah could you do a .blend, you can use just cubes. I am asking this because I don’t really understand what you mean.

example car.blend (661 KB)Here it is.Look and learn.Press p to get into the game engine.Then press either v and b.

Thanks, :smiley: it works really well, one question can I make loads of them without changing any properties.

You could use it that way.You could even try to make the character and car look better.But you would not learn anything.Could
you put the name 3d solar system builder in the blend?Put it in blenders text editor please.

Ok, i will do that.