Caramel shader

I try to do shader like in the picture, but I can not achieve this effect. Can anyone help me with this?

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Do you have a WIP (or recent attempt) that we can work off of?

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Looks like it has elements of glossy/glass (reflective highlight), translucency/SSS (light going through poured part), and volumetrics (a bit of internal texture due to bubbles or whatever). And a tiny bit of bump due to the mottled appearance of the highlight. Couldn’t tell you the specifics though, unless there’s some example to work with. The trickiest part is likely trying to reproduce the appearance of the trapped bubbles procedurally.

Not sure if that tells you any more than you know already though.

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my try

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Big thanks for help!

Here’s my the best of the worst try… I have no idea how to achieve brighter colors in thin places and darker ones in others.

camarel.blend (200.5 KB)

@pixelgrip it’s awesome, thak you! :slight_smile:

That has to do with lighting. Photo reference is also backlit. Reproducing the lighting of the box or soft light used means changing the world settings for ambient light. There’s also some transparency or depth to the material. Not just a surface, so light goes into it. Which is why SSS and/or volumetric applies.

My try at it from scratch. This is a bit rough, so the settings could use changes/refinement. Not to mention the node setup used it’s a bit more expensive in render time. And you may want more samples and denoising for it to work better.

Caramel-Like-Mat-Test.blend (586.4 KB)