Carbon Fiber Cello

Lately, I’ve been working on my portfolio, and I noticed that I didn’t really have a render for my cello. So, I made these two renders yesterday. The carbon fiber shader was done by Thornton Strolia. This cello is also on Blend Swap, but the model is outdated and has yet to be updated. I’ll work on doing that very soon, and I’ll post the link when I update it. This was also edited in photoshop.


Vignette and B&W give it a (kindof) over-the-top look, I think it would gain from more subtlety!
Apart from that, renders are excellent! And nice portfolio btw :slight_smile:

You might be right in that, but I was going for more of this look. Thank you though for the critique! Thank you very much! Your portfolio is awesome too! I really like that rotary engine; I made one myself for a model I’m working on but I didn’t put that much detail into it.

I’ve finally updated this model on Blend Swap.

Very impressive. I like it a lot! Im glad my shaders are being put to good use! Excellent work!

Thank you! It is a very excellent shader, definitely one of my favorites.