Carcassonne Medieval city

A quick render of the later rosace:

Hope you like it :smiley:


still some stonework clay render…
Fully done with only curves :smiley:
I think this is the right way…

Happy blending !

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hi all :slight_smile:

Back there with a first render of the fully textured ( with fixed problems ) with normals and sun
of the Carcassonne medieval city basilica. :slight_smile:

Hope you like it :smiley:

Next step is to apply dirt on the sandstone and then unvrap to an AO+DIRT texture for baking.

This model burdens the run speed on smarphones as it’s for itself as many triables as the whole city walls and towers.
In unity3D I’ll have to setup a LOD system…

Happy blending !


hi all :slight_smile:

Some dirt added and the Basilica looks a bit more ‘in its juice’ like we say in france :sweat_smile:

The lil cube in the lower right corner is nothing but a toy i play with as i just discovered the ‘bevel’ node !!!

I think i can do some things with this for implementing leaks on vertical wall parts…

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Happy blending !

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the current work is for building LOD meshes, baking those meshes and integrating them in unity…

It’s long and boring process that gives no visual result… please be patient…

The Basilica mesh will be soon done :smiley:

Happy blending !

Nah ! i’m not dead !
Not yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Long time passed since the previous post and lots of things have been done.

The basilica… of course…
This is the too high poly model that made the vase overflow.

On a win PC ( UNDER WINDOWS 7 ! YES I’M KINDA PREHISTORIC !!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: ) it runs pretty fluently but on a samsung J5 android the frame rate dropped to 12 fps… :cold_face:
No other suitable words than ‘shitty’.

Then i tried to reinvent the wheel… Dig down to the fundation of graphics and rewrote all U3D shaders i use.
Lots of tools coding and benching, but finally… i’m quite glad with the result as i now run at 23 fps instead of 12 on a samsung J5 !
The good new is that the app is pretty nice and usable. The bad new is that i got now no water under the keel.
I MUST do with the newer shaders that wont change for long time.

Nightlights and daylights; LOD settings with their day and night lightings. All baked from the base mesh. And the final result in the app is quite satisfying !
And i really hope you’ll like it !
You can get the app ( some free some not free ) for WIN, LIN, DROID and soon for IOs on my website
( please wait for tomorrow as i only got 2 hands and 1 neuron :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’m glad this milestone is now reached. 2,5 years since the beginning…

Now… hehehe… now will come the really interresting part.
Those of you who got the app and were curious enough for having a walk around, probably know what i dream of: a time machine.

I set up in my current app a ‘preview’ of the medieval city befor Eugene-Viollet-Le-Duc rebuilt the city.
A preview of what was The ruined medieval city.
This is the next step !
allowing the visitor to see this ( nowadays building ):

And travel through time to see this:

New challenge new fun :crazy_face:

Hope to hear from you soon and hope you ( will ) like it !

Happy blending !

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Hi all !

Back there with some news on the project.
In 25 days i managed to do some little things even if blender has been lowly involved. :stuck_out_tongue:

1st of all a global rework of the project so that it is made of a loader and of multiple separate scenes for the medieval city various ages.
Next to this an also global rework for the UI. It is now simpler, clearer, more efficient and more user friendly.

Now that each scenes ( even if i have only one so far ) can be loaded/unloaded separately i made a shader/script effect ( with the write of a simple tween lib ) so that the come-in and out of the scenes are more sexy and nicer.
For this i discovered the geometry shader program.
My 1st word when i discovered this was: OH SH*T !!!
I somewhat regret i gotta continue this huge 3D medieval city project as i’d really want to dig in geometry shaders for the great fun they can give !
Possibilities are infinite and they are the only missing link in shaders for letting ppl doing absolutely crazy things :smiley:
hmmm lemme give you a lil view of the full scene come in ( and keep in mind this runs on an 6 years old android smartphone :stuck_out_tongue: )

Hope you like it :wink:

Now i have to reveal ( even if it’s not a revelation ) that the app is some kind of time machine, pushing the visitor in the past so that he can visit the old medieval city as it looked like in the past ) that it’s time for me to make a time capsule for time travels.

This is some UI made in unity and blender and also some meshes totally made in blender and animated in unity.
I want visual effects and sexy sounds that make the visitor say WOW !

my high age :stuck_out_tongue: and my culture pushes me towards pieces of art like H.G. Wells time machine, terminator, and other various sources of inspiration.
I tried to make an icosphere in blender, kill all faces and skin the segments…
This shows an interresting spherical cell immune to matter disorganization due to time travel :stuck_out_tongue:

spherical cage overheating and high power electricity also have to be part of the show !
( while the current scene unloads and the next scene loads :wink: )
just a spoil from U3D scene view :wink:

I’m on the way for this and i’m currently stuck with blender that don’t do what is intended :frowning:
Here’s the problem: Blender 2.92 not saving alpha values properly

I use postprocessing and i obviously should not :rofl:

digging again and again :slight_smile:

The app will soon be freely downloadable on my website as usual :

Thanks to all thos following me :kissing_closed_eyes:

And happy blending !

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If you are from France, you should definitely check Jean “Moebius” Giraud. That’s some next level stuff if you want to play with people perception.

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I’m from france @silex :slight_smile:

and i love what moebius did.
Too bad he’s not in this world anymore. He pleased so many people with his art and crazyness…

I’m glad you know him :slight_smile:

Oh lil question for you: what do you think of the Basilica stained glass windows ?
I know they are far from your stained glass professionnal expectation :stuck_out_tongue: but they are a compromise for making all this run on a smartphone :wink:

Happy blending !

IMHO Moebius had genius level lineart skills and overall ideas. I especially like his works with Jodorovsky like Incal.

The stained glass and the overall of the basilica looks very nice. Its good that you made the glass dark and not transparent. This makes the windows more realistic.

It’s really pity that all the detail are lost with smaller displays. I cannot stomach downgrading my own works resolution for mobile purposes, but honestly what else can you do.

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Many things in parallel:

  • time-travel system
  • app and mostly texture simplification
  • mesh creation of the 1850’s medieval city
  • and also ( as in 1850 the city was dirtier than today ) crap, dirt and vegetation creation

Here’s the 1st pieces of vegetation:

Hollyhocks that we calle in france ‘rose trémière’ or ‘passerose’.

more will come soon… hope you like it :slight_smile:

happy blending !

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Well, I don’t know if this message have this place here but : I’m really amazed by your work, you’re doing some reeeaaaally good job, and I just want to encourage you.
Keep going like that

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Thanks you very much @Kazrarr for your kind words :smiley:
If you read at the top, all messages are welcome here :slight_smile: including the ones from those hating unity3D or this work in general :slight_smile:

I love the idea people like what i do but more than that, the idea that people like to see old stones from your world history :slight_smile:
If you feel like it, and have time for this, i’d invite you to give a try to the app downloadable on my website ( win or lin or droid ( paid for this later one ) ) and come back here with your opinion/impression :slight_smile:
And maybe who knows, talk about this all round you :wink:

Thanks again and happy blending !
I got very few feedback and i’d be fond of some.

could you give me the link of your website plz, I’d be glad to try this !

Oh :slight_smile:
all is in the 1st post :wink:

click on carcassone on the left and then on the icon for your system :slight_smile:

Thanks and happy blending !

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Hi all !

Back there quickly just to say i’m not ( yet :smiley: ) dead and the carcassonne 3D medieval city is still in WIP.

I’m currently working on 2 things:

  • A U3D script that i will use to scatter vegetation all around the city ( yes in 1850, vegetation invaded the walls and was one of the ruin factor of the city ) without burdening too much the realtime renderer ( 3D GPU mesh instantiation will be used )
  • i’m also and this is a big part of the work, searching for pictures of the city in 1850…

For vegetation, the Ivy blender addon that i modified wil be greatly usefull for designing and baking various kind of bushes : IVY addon small changes

and for plants i will use

So i’ll be back here soon with some news and blender work.
Please hang on :wink:

Happy blending !


Removed my post as it might be considered as advertising.

Hi all :slight_smile:

I’m back again after some few months of standby on the project…

Vegetation random painter has been designed in unity and now it’s time for ruining the whole city.
I take each wall, and each tower, create a copy of it, ruin it in blender and reintegrates it in unity.

Here’s a quick timelapse for one small tower located in the west side of the city…

More to come !

Happy blending !

My poor city totally ruined… :sob:

( seen from unity3D, i did not reintegrate all elements in a .blend yet )

Now it’s time to take 1850-1860 photos and remake it as it was in these times :slight_smile:
Lots of hours of modeling ( and texture creation, and occlusion/dirt calculations and… ) in sight

Event the ground map has to be reworked :sweat_smile:

See you soon and happy blending !


I even can’t itemize/enumrate all the ideas, encouragement, excitation, admiration i got from this thread. :star_struck:
Happy blending.