Care to help out a complete noob?

Hey y’all,

I’ve been working with blender for a long time and I think I have it pretty much down. I decided to move on to working with the game engine and I came across a demo of a car driving thing and I’ve been trying to put to use in something.

Does anyone have a good link to an up to date tutorial for this sort of stuff?

So do you want to make a race game? You should be more specific.

Maybe start off with telling us what type of game you would like to learn about (FPS, TPS, Race, Fighting, SideScroller etc). As far as I can tell, FPS style games seem to have the most learning material and support when it comes to blender game engine.

Anyway, If you are just starting, I suggest you first try out this 2 Level maze game tutorial, that you can find by clicking HERE.

Well I guess you could say a race game, but I was thinking with boats maybe, but if a car would be the place to start sure. I just want to start with as little coding as possible to get a feel for the engine.



What are FPS, TPS games? :expressionless:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I’m a newb :P[/i]

Okay 2 things…
I’ve finally got the movement down (well almost). What I’m wondering is how I can make the camera less “rigid” to the object?

2nd of all… I can’t get it to stay on track… It seems to slide all over kind of “Asteroids” style… Help on that?

FPS = First Person Shooter (Half Life, Counter Strike, Doom etc)
TPS = Third Person Shooter (Socom, Mercinaries etc)

  1. When you say “rigid”, what exactly do you mean?
  2. I would try setting the friction coefficient (Select maze, press F5, then press the DYN button to see settings) to something greater than zero for the maze material.


na jk, but, will there be an updated blender ge book anytime soon?


By rigid I mean the camera is “DEAD ON” to the object and it’s like a big red blob that doesn’t even move the slightest bit on the screen…

It’s not friction I’m worried about… I got that down, it’s just that in order to turn, you need to keep accellerating and if not you just go in that direction… but when you try and turn it keeps going but just rotates.

I’m not currently working on the maze because I had that finished before, but it’s a car I’m working with now and I’m trying to get turning to work.

From your recent post, the last two problems don’t have enough detail in them However, I can answer the first. Take your camera and unparent it (presumably that’s the reason). Give it a setup of Always->AND->Camera, with the Camera actuator displaying the name of the “red blob” object and then you can tweak the parameters to your liking.

Okay… My best description of what is happening is similar to the gameplay of asteroids. You accellerate, but when you rotate, your ship is going in the same direction still until you accellerate again.

I’m trying to make a driving sim where when you try to turn, your car doesn’t do the “Asteroids Effect”.

I’m trying to get this so that when you hit the left or right key, your car actually turns to that direction without accellerating still… Does that still not make sense :-?

I still think that it’s either the friction of the GROUND material (Im not talking about the friction of your car, but the mesh that your car drives on), or maybe it has something to do with your dynamic actor settings, or maybe you did something wrong with the logic bricks. You see, since you are new, the variations of things that could be causing this are plenty, so its a little difficult to understand what the problem is.

I agree with toomai for your camera problem , did that work for you?

Either way, since we can’t recognize your problem, I would suggest you upload your .blend, so that we can see what the problem is first hand.

PS: What version are you using?