Care to Track Some Footage?

I REALLY hate the idea of begging for free work but…

I have a video of poor quality for tracking. It is 1080P HD but it is interlaced. I have saved it as other non-interlaced formats but no matter how hard I try I cant get a solid track.There are decent landmarks to track from. If someone could do a halfway decent job tracking the footage and send me the .blend I would be SO very grateful. I’m making a clip of a 3D landing craft taking off from a parking lot. I wont make any profit to share but I will credit you in the description of the finished YouTube video and he credits in the clip itself. Post here or PM me and I can send you multiple formats of the video and camera specs as well as anything else you may need. I will Credit everyone who attempts, not just the person who actually completes it. Thank you so much. I feel like scum for asking for help with nothing in return. :frowning:

I can’t promise anything without seeing the footage, but I could give it a try if you’re still looking for help. :slight_smile: I could look over the footage and try and do a quick track as a test. Then, based on how successful my test was, I can tell you if I can give you a completed track or not. What do you think?

There’s no shame in asking for help; it’s the logical thing to do - that’s why people in the industry go to third-parties for help. It’s because you will never find a person who can do everything, so they need to find someone who have the skills they need.

Thank you so much! I’ll PM you a link to the video. :slight_smile:

can you send it also to me? i’ll try to help you.
if the problem is solved can you send it to me anyway? :stuck_out_tongue: for practice!

If you still need help, i’m pretty good with tracking, I can probably get it done :slight_smile:

well I haven’t heard back from Andyfer_Ruu yet. I’f you would like to give it a shot be my guest. I’ll just use whichever turns out best. i’ll PM you the details.

@ Palla_95
I have 2 people working on it but i can give you the footage to practice on. :slight_smile: give me 4 hours from now.

@ Palla_95
I have two people working on it but I can give you the footage for practice. :slight_smile: Give me 4 hours from now.

I’m also interested in the video, give me it, I want to practise…

Here is the footage for anyone who wants to practice. I NO LONGER REQUIRE HELP, THIS IS ONLY FOR PRACTICE. keep in mind it’s not wonderful footage for tracking.

and can u share the final result video if u have so we can see how good we can do…?

I’ve looked at the video, it doesn’t seem like its difficult to track…seems very easy.

difficult is when u have large areas of similar pattern or color…like for example a wall or pure white tiled floor or the sky etc…