Cargo pod

Following on from my bubble ship I’ve come-up with another spacecraft… This time a cargo pod. My plan is to eventually build some scenes and characters and have some kind of mini space saga on the go, but for now I’m just trying to build decent, well-textured models and concentrate on lighting them.

I’m happy with the ‘cartoon style’ design and the only thing I got stuck on was trying to make smoke come from the two blaster holes near the thruster… I used particles with a cloud texture but couldn’t get it to billow out of the right area. I wanted to create a nice stream of smoke but with the random up it was spreading out too much and with it down it looked too uniform.

People from the UK may recognise the stencilling on the side of the ship. For those who don’t Banksy stencils his name on everything from walls to Elephants:

I like you bubble ship more, but i like the engine fire in this one

very stylish. keep going