Carl Frederickson of UP!

I am recreating Carl Frederickson of the Disney Pixar film UP! I plan on having him fully rigged with facial animation. Right now there are no skin textures, and his facial topography needs to be cleaned up and worked out.


good start

Impressive start. Keep it up.

Instantly recognisable already. Welcome to the forums and keep up the good work!

form is worked out a bit better, as well as lighting.


somethings definitely wrong with your eyebrows :stuck_out_tongue: ones missing just so you know and you should add the rest of the tennis balls

Yeah, I loosely sketch until everything is tightened up. Hoping all goes well with this project. So far so good! I really wanna nail the textures in this, since my textures in the past have been so so. i think i’ll be using zbrush for the subtleties in the face and hands texture wise, and will add fuzz to the tennis balls with the hair particle simulator.


update shot- texture on bow tie, added subtleties to eyeglasses and hearing aid, color corrections on belt shoes and jacket, better lighting, texture added to Ellie grape soda button, and walker is more fully modeled.


Looks good, but the division in his face is disturbing. You do know about the ‘do clipping’ option in the mirror modifier, don’t you? If not, activate it and move the middle vertices till they meet.

nah i didn’t, i usually just stitch it together at the end. here’s one with a newer tennis ball, usuing particles for fuzz.


hand texture added, tennis balls added, colors corrected, eye texture added, texture to cane metal added


Lookin good!

looks very good! one thing though, in the last render he has a line on his chin that stretches all the way to his nose.

i stitched the face together so there isnt that crack going up the middle, but when i duplicate the eyebrow and mirror it, it renders as shadeless, does anybody know how to fix this?


Much better! :smiley:

Hairs look good but not the eyebrows. However that’s a nice copy of Pixar’s style !

another shot, still cant duplicate the eyebrow without getting it rendered as flat white


got the eyebrow to work, i like the way the hair was 2 posts ago so im going to try and aim for that again.


I would smooth the crack on his crotch. Looks like hes the wrong way round :stuck_out_tongue:

lol this is true