Hi everyone, I follow you for a while now but it’s only today I write my first post.
So, let me briefly introduce myself. (You can skip this boring thing if you want :stuck_out_tongue: ).
My name is Jérôme, I’m 19 and I live in France where I study to be an ingeneer. I’m interested in by the art and I make a lot of photography. I’ve started learning blender 2 month ago and start a lot of thing without finishing it…

Currently, I’m trying to make a female body. I’ve only done the head but I want to improve it before starting to model the body. So tell me what you think and obviously comments and critics are welcome !

Hi Jerome,

That’s not bad at all, there’s a few things I would tweak/change, the area between the eyes is too flat, the nose is a bit long and pointed and the lips could come up a bit. The ears might be a little large, the cheekbones could be stronger and the jawbone could do with a little massaging.

Hope this helps…

Overall though, it’s really good :wink:

Your version is a lot better ! I’ll try to fix that as soon as possible.

Thanks for these advices.

No problem, I look forward to seeing the changes :slight_smile:

Here what I have done tonight :

Hi Jerome,

I think that’s a good improvement, the nose looks alot better now.

The area between the eyes looks a little sharp from this angle, I tried to spread it out into a triangular shape…

Also the same area from the side needs to be more acute…

It might also be worth filling out the cheeks a bit, give her a doughnut :wink: That will help with the corners of the mouth looking a little too far forward and the ears are still a little large.

A big improvement though, good stuff :wink:

Thanks LCG.
I’ve reduced the size of the ears a little bit this time. (I’ve forget the last time)
I’ve also make the area between the ears a little less sharp but I want to keep it thin.
But most of all, I’ve gave her some food and the cheek are now more bumpy.

My progression :

I think I will make the head wider