Caronte´s Electric Effect

Hi! Long time away here!
Well, I don’t understand what’s the difficult to do something so easy, but to stop the people ask me again and again for the .blend, here is.

Voltaic arc

Enjoy! :wink:

ok it’s a little elec arc

any way to increase the zig zag effect make it more random ?

i tried to increase the noise and tubulence but it’s give rather limtied zig zag effect!

any suggestion welcome


Just increase the turbulence in texture buttons, for the marble texture.

Any Idea how i would apply this texture onto a torus so the bands are going about its circumference? round the outside and through the middle.
Its easy enough with an image, but the way the bands are produced at 45 degrees is stressing me out. I’ve attempted the empty idea but i still don’t actually understand it at all.