Carpet anyone

Anyone have a good way to make carpet. I tried to use particles but I can’t set the normal speed low enough and its a close-up so I don’t know if I want to use procedurals.

Thanks in advance

If it’s shag carpet, how about a bunch of dupliverted cylinders, bobbled around just a tad with Saltshaker? Wrap each cylinder with a texture that looks like yarn, and it might work.

Ya that might work if I used a grid but how would I bend the cylinders to make them look like fiber?

Hmmm… depending on how close the camera is, you could make, say, six different fibers, bending each one slightly differently. Then make six grids, each with six times the spacing between vertices that you need for the carpet. Align the grids so that they’re lying in the same plane in space, then duplivert each cylinder to it’s own grid. Once you jiggle them up with Saltshaker, there’ll be the appearance that they’re all bent in different directions.

So what’s saltshaker then, a script?

Yup, a Python script for moving objects about randomly. You can get the latest build here.

I got the script but it wont run, something about whrandom. I’ll keep trying to find out why.
Otherwise I love idea, the only thing I’d be worried about would be render time.

Thanks Much