Carpet Material?

Is there a way to get my carpet motif mirroring from one carpet to the next without using UV so it’s actualy visible in the good sens half the time however direction the people are walking?

I’m also open to sugestion to make the material more carpetty.

Edit: Packed textures in the .blend


For the first part about mirroring the texture.
Do you mean you want the motif in the carpet reflected as though the texture was mirrored in the mirror modifier which does this using UVs?
When you add a modifier the object texture coordinates increase, in your case along the Y axis.
So mirroring and repeating the texture can be achieved by modifying the Y axis coordinate for the texture.


Between the texture mapping offset and scaling I have added some nodes to extract the Y coordinate and then recombine into the vector used as an input to the image texture.
The Y coordinate is modified so that Y = abs (((Y+1) mod 2) - 1) so as Y increases it is changed to vary from 0 to 1 and then to 0 again

The Y+1 makes sure the initial mirror modifier does not give negative values for Y
The mod 2 makes Y vary from 0 to nearly 2
The -1 then changes this to vary -1 to nearly 1
Then the abs changes this to 1 to 0 to 1 again

The texture was not part of the blend file so I used a different one on a plane.

Hope this helps


Oops forgot to pack the textures. Its just a black and white motif and a normal map version of it I will modify the blend in the first post.

Thx, for the node setup.

I will try that.

Edit: It work like a charm.

I advanced the padding and tryed to add some iregularity in the carpet material and somthing elude me.

The noise I added to the carpet show on the left side, So I tryed to add a maping with a value close to the one I used on the motif and … it still show on the left side.

Any idea why?


Displacing the noise texture will not make any difference
The noise texture will cover everything

I think that the light position is somehow causing the effect, so that even if the texture is over all the floor you can only see the effect on the left hand side
I created a plane and sun lamp on another layer, and applied the floor texture to the plane

Here it is more obvious that the noise covers the whole plane
I suggest you look at the lights and how they are positioned

Hope this helps


Thx for your answere.

That’s strange since the noise I was talking about was the second one I aded who isent a bump noise but a color variation noise. The light been paralel emiters to the carpet ( one bein the carpet itself) it make even less sens. I didnt add a blend since it was just 2 node and they were visible in the screenshot it may have been an error. It make me think maybe its because of the fact that one of the 2 color is a velvet shader. I will try usiing 2 difuse if its the light that will solve it.

I agree, especially as the corridor is symmetrical, there should be no difference between left and right
I did not have time to explore the lighting elements which is why I reduced the model to a just a plane
Since the plane shows the noise on both sides, the cause must be something other than the texture so the lighting and camera angle are possible differences.
I do not think the velvet shader has any angular direction factor, the ‘sigma’ is all round {as far as I know}

It’s not totaly symetrical, due to my clumsiness with keyboard shortcut and diferent design on both side, but its prety symetrical so the effect is strange. hanging the velvet shaders by difuse totaly solved the problem ( with loosing the velvet effect but on a mainly flat thing it was just for the bump and normal so not that important)

I had not seen the light as a suspect for my probleme, but you lead me to the solution.


Aparently my normal map didn’t like quadruple diffuse so I had to choose betwin it or some variety in the material, so I gived up the normal map.

Another problem that I am facing is with the end wall I added who is a variation of the brick texture I used for the lighting.

I wanted to add the same logo in it as in the carpet and I partialy succeded but it’s not realy folowing the square. It do the tricks from far away but wont stand in close up. Is there a way to have it realy folow the square pattern?

The .blend:


It is a not too complicated to freak about with the texture coordinates so that the mask used to switch between the two colours follows the squares of the tiling.
Nearly, anyway, because it does not take into account that every 5th row is offset!


Hopefully there is enough detail so you can see the node setup
Basically the idea is to pixelate the texture but treating the texture coordinates
After the math the X and Y axes are not contiuous but go up in steps
These steps have to match the size and scale of the brick texture so I’ve added these values as input and derived the step size from the brick size and scale
The pixelation is only used for the colour selection so each brick square is the same shade
The actual vector for the brick texture and noise texture come from the object coordinates.

For completeness the whole node tree in all it’s noodly goodness and the look from further away

Hope this helps



I anderstand pretty much nothing but can totaly copy the node setup. :smiley: