CarQuad B-125

Hi everybody,
This time I’ve decided to make something a little more complexe than a cup with chocolate;)

Model created with blender.
Textures made with Substance Painter.
Render Cycles 1500 samples, light juste one HDRI
I hope you will like it.

(Click images for bigger view)

more images HERE

civilian version of carquad

awesome design. i love it. where can i buy one? do i need a drivers license?

Nice design. Good clean topography on the wireframe. Really like the final render.

Only issue, and I may be wrong on this, but I believe the quad propeller drones have two props spin one direction and two in the other direction. Helps to balance out the torque I think.

Great imaginative idea.

thank you guys
to S-Markt : you need drivers,aircraft,gun licenses :wink:
to Ryeath : you are right for the propeller I have changed that on the civilian version.

Civilian version looks sweet.

I checked out your art station page. Very nice stuff on there. Hard to believe you are just a hobbyist. Keep up the good entries.

this is so amazing!! i need to see this on sketchfab!! please!!!

This is great! :RocknRoll:

yeah way cool, do you need a drivers license or pilots licence.
clever design.

if you give us the blend, we can 3d print this and fly shopping.

Technically the propellers on the civilian version are still incorrect :wink: anyway nice work on the vehicle, interesting and well balanced IMO.

to Ryeath: Thanks so much again, I’m glad you like my work.

to chaitanyak: Ok I did it specially because you asked me. Be kind this is my first upload on sketchfab
to see the civillian and military version go HERE

to Astro1derboy:Thank you.

to kenD: Thank you.

to S-Markt: If I give you the .blend you will 3Dprint and destroy the world !! ;p and mik1190 say the propellers are not correct so …

to mik1190: Thank you and yes I still missed the propellers again, but I have a headache then it will stay like this for now :slight_smile:
Promised the next time I would be careful.

i am from germany. we dont destroy the world, we conquer it… well, most of the time. and btw. better go up in a flash than slowly pass away. haha, HaHa! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Simply amazing… substance is really an amazing piece of software.

Really great looking, this kind of graphic design would fit perfectly in something like wolfenstein the new order. And this wireframe is so clean, i mean i am doing way to much edge loop

To gendosplace: thank you, yes substance Painter is very powerfull and easy to learn.

To GFAGK: Thank you.