Carrie's Dream

Not as good as some of the art posted here, however I’d thought I’d still show what I’ve been making. Of which I have No ETA on when the video will be done.

The Story: Carrie dreams of her yard full of Red Roses. Then came the day she ordered some to plant, and got something completely different.

Made with Blender 3d, with Post effects by Sony Vegas

New pic I just finished

Carrie gets a rude awakening from an alarm clock.


Next Pic


This pic I made was her dream just before she gets rudely awaken by her alarm clock.

BTW: I has No Idea why my Pics are posting twice. Sorry :slight_smile:


I’m liking this, despite your “last picture” quote on the first of four :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the animation.

Ya about that. Didn’t noticed it till you mentioned it. Lol

Carrie getting up


Carrie receives a text message

That makes her happy


Carrie’s package at the door.