cars with wheels, bind the body with wheels with dynamic-stuff

hi, I want to learn to parent the wheels to a carbody, but not the normally way, I want the whole car with wheels be dynamic, with other words; somewhat act like a real car.
Making the backwheels spinning then I press a button to do so, and the whole car goes forward, and turning the frontwheel at sides to make the wheel turn at side… U know how I mean, right?!

I also want skip python, because I´m not at python get, trying to learn some basic about it, but will not fight with it now, so I stick to logicbrick for now.

Some little springforce between the wheels and body would also be on the wishlist, so it gettting more feeling about it.

I tried with parenting and stuff like, but failed, so plz, take ur time and explain do a “how-to”


This might help: