Cartoon Character for animation Complete

Well I say it is complete, I quess I really mean the model is complete. I started this character a while back but soon after I took a break from Blender. My next stage will be to rig this fellow. I plan to put a pretty extensive rig on him in hope for good facial animation and for his cloths. Let me know what you think of the model and soon I will have more updates when rig is complete. Thx Muxtun

Great face.

Love it, cool face! :slight_smile:

The legs look very short. They should be at least as long as the arms.

Thank you for the comments guys. I cant wait to start to animate the face, I feel it is going to animate well. Ok, back to the model. I do in fact want to character to be a little disperportional, but I do agree something is wrong. My question is, do you think the legs are too short, or are the hands just to big? Take a look at this render. I have just begun the rigging phase but from this render it looks like the hands just might be to big. Imagine smaller hands, would the legs look to short then? Thanks again for the feedback, Mux.

I had thought about mentioning the legs too. I think some adjustment would help. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said that the hands were just too big. The arms look about the right length without the huge hands. If you want big hands like that, then you probably need to make the feet big too, for consistency in the exaggeration. Those are my thoughts, anyway. :slight_smile:

The legs look to short in comparison to the body. The hands actually go along with the head. If you compare your hands to your headsize they are almost the same size or better expressed. It is possible to cover your face with your hands. I think they come out too big because the upperbody looks as big as the head.
I think you over exaggerated and should either make the hands smaller or make the legs a bit longer. I’d go with the legs cause I think making the hands smaller is a lot harder :wink:

Ok, so I gave both a shot. I made the legs longer and made the hands smaller. But just as I thought, when I made the legs longer, It really threw off the cartoon effect I was going for. Not to say I may not still tweek them in the future. Anyway here is a render with the hands smaller. I added a simple material just for a little color. As for the rig, it is about half complete. Still need to finish the hand rig and then the face. Next update the rig should be complete so Ill try out some poses. Again if the legs still look off please let me know, I just dont see it, but then again everyone here can see things I cant. Thanks again Muxtun

Hmm, I liked the original better. I actually liked how he was disproportional. I could see a lot of comic animating possibilities based on his proportions.

Thanks for the reply dreamsgate. You know, I kind of feel the same way. My goal for this guy is comical but on the other side… Man im torn. Sucks because I really want to finish the rig but cant till I fully decide on the model. Well maybe ill sleep on it tonight. It just looks to me that with the smaller hands, he is just a nother toon type with nothing to seperate him from any other, but with a big head and big hands… I dont know. Hehe. Thanks agains guys for the feedback. Mux

Hey, if it still helps, I also like the old one better! Don’t be discouraged, it’s coming along pretty well!