Cartoon character

Hey guys,

This is my first serious attempt at modelling something. I wanted to do something easy so I picked a cartoon head (that way if the proportions are all off it wont matter so much :).

I still need to do the lips and teeth, and fix up the eyes, but i think it looks ok so far.

I was thinking of putting him in a suit with broad shoulders and little legs, but im starting to think clothing might be too hard to model. Are there any scripts for blender similar to clothilde (or something like that…) for C4D?


That’s a good start. You’re right Beaumonj, to really make this character work, you will need more time on the teeth and lips. Especially with this character his teeth and mouth are a big part of his persona.

You could probably make one tooth out of a cube or a plane, and then duplicate it around. And then parent the teeth to the Head bone in your Armature, so when you more your Head Armature both your Head and teeth move together.

The clothes I suppose you can make it part of his body mesh, tight fitting (but not too tight) and you won’t have a problem when it comes time to animate. It will take a while, but I’m sure the result will be good.

Ok, well i’ve tried to get the lips done…but i cant seem to get them to look right.

Ive tried several different methods, but in the end just did a loop cut around the mouth and pulled it out a bit, then added a couple of loop cuts on either sides to define the edges. I still dont think it looks very good but i cant get it to work any other way.

If anyone has any suggestions, id be very grateful!

(Im attaching a couple of pics of the wireframe…partially and fully done, and the model as it is now)


I think it looks good so far. The mouth looks fine. Maybe later, when animating, you need more detail, K cut a couple loops.

Extrude some nostirls and extrude the eye socket a couple of times to add some extra detail. And your buddy also needs some eye lids, copy the eye and make a half sphere for the eye lid.

And don’t forget the tongue, squach a sphere, maybe with a groove in the middle. Texture it red with the back of the tongue black.


maan this is painstaking (yet fun…) work.

ive added some teeth…which i think are a little too small, but will do for now.

i have fixed up the eye, and added some detail to the socket like ozo suggested. im fairly happy with the lips now, and have changed the shape of the head so that the jaw is thinner than the top of the head.

i tried extruding some nostrils, but they just made the nose look too…un cartoony, i know it needs more detail, but im not too sure what.

still lots more work to be done, but i think its coming along ok.

comments/suggestions would be much appreciated
(big ups to ozo for his help so far!)


I think it looks great man.

I really like the mouth.

Maybe try making the nose a bit more hook like, not just sticking out. Or, you could make a pig-like nose, with the nostrils at the front of the nose.

Keep it up man,

Beaumonj, its looking even better now. Nice work on the teeth, yes very nice. From experience I bet that took a while to get them sitting right. But that’s half the fun. :slight_smile:

I think you’re about done, time to start on the body. But before you do, give the head a skin material. Set the RGB for: R at 1.00, G at 0.820, and B at 0.740. Also reduce the spec to 0.15 and Hard to 5. And set it to sphere in the Preview.

The teeth’s material RGB could be all 1.00. With a spec of 0.54 and hard anywhere from 285 to 511. Set to sphere. And/or tweek to your pref settings.

Would you mind posting the material settings that you have for the eyes?

Sure man…although I wouldnt use it, I just set them quickly until I got a chance to mess around with it to get a better result.

Col/Spec/Mir all set to full white
Diffuse shader: Oren-Nayar Ref: 1 Rough: 0
Specular Shader: Spec:0.55 Hard: 511
Ray Mir: 0.78
Fresnel: 1.3
Frac: 1.25

I think thats all, everything else was set to defaults. The black dot was made with a square white image with a black dot in the bottom corner mapped to the materials colour…(heh)

ozo, ill give those skin settings a try…still not sure if he should have pinkish skin or like white “zombie” skin…whatever fits better i guess. Yeah the teeth took me hours, i ended up just using a lattice to bend them around the mouth.

bigfoot, thanks for the suggestions man, ill have a play around with that damn nose

Hey guys,

I’ve run into a bit of a problem. Ive pretty much finished the head…so im trying to copy the eye to the exact same place on the other side of the head.

Ive tried the old duplicate->scale -1, but then the eye isnt oriented right. I figure ive got to mirror it or something…i tried but it screws up the pupil image alignment.

Is there some way i can mirror the object, and keep the image uv coords (or whatever they’re called) right ?

Attached is a pic of the sitch, if it helps…


Nice work, reminds me of the graphical style of Grim Fandango, a Lucasarts adventure game from a couple of years back.

Beaumonj, your character is looking really good now. It’s really coming to life. As far as the eye, Shift-d to duplicate and then Control-m > X Local to mirror the axis. That should solve the problem.

To double check, select your original eye and press n, and the eye’s cordinates are displayed. Write down the cordinates. Now select your second eye and press n. Your second eye’s should be the same as your first eye, but in the negative. If not, change the numbers manually.

try applying a mirror modifier, saves you the hassle of duplicating etc.