Cartoon Crab 6 Leg Playing Walking Running, Water Waves, Underwater Animation

Cartoon Crab 6 Leg Playing Walking Running, Water Waves, Underwater Animation.
Please watch in HD


oh man, patricia3d, what can i say.
i’ve been watching your work for couple of years now, and i have to say i enjoy it.
it’s the weirdest thing i’ve seen in this forum. what i at first thought would be passing style, experiement maybe, has turned into your style. it’s very recognizable. and you seem to be going for it, furiously.
so, i watch it with that in mind.

i again have no idea what this is about, but all that makes it even better, i think.
i also don’t know if you are looking for feedback when you post these, but if you are, couple of things:

  • it doesn’t look like underwater, add depth of water, floating things, whatever, that makes you feel that isn’t air, but water. something you can touch, and feel.

  • make the crabs do something else than walking around. you posted this on finished projects, but i have no clue what this is, and what is happening. it looks more like a test rendering. not a finished animation. correct me if i’m wrong.


looks kkinda like it should be a screensaver

Many Many Thanks for comments ( sorry for late )

Excellent work!

@Renderluz Thanks for comments.

I saw you post this at Tip.It :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, as I said before - I’m very curious: how did you animate the lively background? Armatures? Shapekeys? Lattices? Some combination of methods? I’m really curious :slight_smile:

Nice job - as basse said, it would be a bit better if there were bits of stuff floating in the water.@basse

Top FLowing Water= Texture Animation
Standing Plants = Armature Animation
Down Plant=Shape Key
I am working on a cartoon story in that I will put some stuff floating in the water.

Thanks for the comments.