Cartoon dog

This is a model of a catoon character I’ll animate.


Thanks for sharing. It is a nice 3d model of a Doberman-type dog. If you want more cartoony, you could try a cel shader. Maybe change the ground color to a muted gray because the white is too bright. Maybe work on the eyes a bit and try different shapes:

I can show a couple of ideas here. Just let me know if you don’t like me posting the image.

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Thanks! Actually have tried the toon shader.

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Nice! You’re on the right track. I remember having to play with some values.

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I never noticed those two light patches on the front of the dog. You may keep it for accuracy or you may like it, but it looks odd to me even though the dogs really have them. When making a cartoon, you can simplify things like that into one tan patch or take it away.
here this artist has gone to great liberties:

It’s a good idea. I’ll clear those patches.