Cartoon Fish Modelling


What the heck operation happens at 5:19?

vertex rip. short cut V

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Thanks man.

Thanks: took a while but I figured that out. :+1:

If the presenter could get the ScreenCast thing working, that’d be a huge help. I kinda like the “no-audio” aspect though, makes you concentrate on the screen.

press J (not F)

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Up to about 12 mins, cut the fish in half as depicted, I guess to clean up the interior (?), and ran into this situation with subd on the inside:

To get to this point I deleted the back half of the interior and constructed/extruded a new set of polys to block the view thru the mouth (otherwise you’d see to the tail). I did this by selecting interior Edges and extruding them, scaled inwards, then hand-built a few polys to close off the wall. But for some reason the subdivision fails there and makes a hard corner (as illustrated). I’ve already Merged points to no effect. (Object attached)

CartoonFish_12.blend (975.1 KB)

What set of circumstances makes a subdivision surface have such a hard corner, when weights or creases have not been applied?

Face normals on the back of the mouth are flipped.

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