Cartoon Flower Render (Any Critiques?)

I’m trying to render a cartoon character using the Blender Internal render engine. This is what I’ve come up with:

I love the look of animated films, especially those from Illumination Entertainment. For this reason, I’m attempting to emulate their rendering style. I feel that my render looks okay, but it doesn’t look like something that you might see in a theater. Please let me know what you guys think of this so that I can improve future renders.

The render is nice and so is the concept.

Illumination Entertainment is the company behind the Minions. And I feel that it is the mix of cartoonish shapes together with realistic shapes (the goggles for example) and more realistic materials which made the Minions so appealing. The colors are more vibrant in the Minions. So I’d suggest to work on the shapes and materials a bit more.

Okay. I’ve done some work on this with your critique in mind. I’ve remodeled the petals, curved the stem, added some textures, bump maps and displacement maps and increased the saturation of the colors.