Cartoon Guy Rig

It did help Michael, thanks! But is deleting the generator is the key to being able to being able to edit the driver f-curves? Cos thats what i’ve been having trouble with, trying to figure out how to insert keyframes on those mofos, and i’m still not having much luck, but maybe i’ve missed a step :0)

Yes, the tutorial - just some ramblings about how Blender is different from Max really - though it’s already sprawling, and i’ve barely scratched the surface. Still, its my first effort at a tutorial and i’m hoping it will help folk at my workplace as well as anyone else who’s starting out - and me also! :0) Got loads to add to it re timeline/dopesheet, Keying Sets, freezing transforms (or applying transforms as it is in blender) etc etc… the list is endless. But i’ll keep adding bits when i can.

Oh, and thanks again. Have you started a thread elsewhere with that tutorial? Cos its a really handy one, so you should :0)

Ok, I’m kinda stumped here and maybe I’ve been using other packages for too long but I can’t for the life of me get the “Rest” pose to be set. The default frame 1 you have is him smiling and posing. I can clear all the transformations except for the face. What gives? Why is the smile zeroed out?

ft_tam, inserting keyframes in that window was tricky for me at first in 2.5. What I used to do was go to view and show sliders. If you played with the sliders on the influences it would make a keyframe in the spot the cursor was in the timeline. Now I just control click in the area on the timeline that I want the keyframe. If this doesn’t help let me know, this part was rough for me switching over to 2.5

thedaemon, if you select the jaw control the sliders for the face should show up in the properties panel in the 3d view window. Its a pain but you have to go down the list and zero out the sliders. I wish there was a shortkey for this like alt-r. If you already tried this let me know. What version of blender are you using?

Ah thanks, i can see how to do that now! I don’t think i knew you have the option to control + click where curves are concerned, with keyframes. I’ve just been merrily pressing ‘I’ in every window (tho to be fair, it does seem a little like that should work in the driver window too :0)

I’m not sure if this is a rig problem, but with latest Graphicall builds (anything newer than official 2.59) I’m getting major viewport lag. Can others confirm if this is a rig issue or a blender issue.

Very nice!!!

Nothing more and nothing less. An amazing character.

Cartoon Guy is soooo cool!! :smiley: