Cartoon Hero

-Hi guys

I started this model as just a MASK but it turned into what it is now and I have decided to make him into a hero of some sort… Am not good with such models and topology so any help I would be grateful… Am not gonna animate him but I still want the face somewhat correct…

Cool face. He looks mean.

-Thanks Zanz…

-I tweaked his face a bit more and started modeling the back etc, I have not decided if am gonna add ears or not…

DarkLimit, I really like your style. This new piece of your looks also very promising.

very nice

whats his name
whats his power
and does he get a cape

nice nice style, agree. Look forwards to see your progress… :wink:

@Zix: As stated in the incredibles superheros died by the hand of their cape.

Like I told you in IRC… Sweetness!!! I dig it.

-Thanks alot guys…

-I think I ran myself into a problem, Am not sure how to model the back of his head I have been trying a few different things and am getting no where…any help would be great.

Zix - I have no plans on giving him any kind of powers really, I want to make him a suit like "THE FLASH" thats about it...

have you tried sketching out/ outlining where the head is going to go :smiley: ?

This is a common problem people come up when modeling using poly by poly method… try box modeling … and you will understand the difference … You can start box modeling in wings 3d … and later you can easily do the same with blender… do this … this will give you a lot of confidence … it worked for me… its all about the mindset…

You might want to reduce the number of vertices/edge on the upper head cause they will get in your way soon .

Then in side orthographic view put the 3D cursor where his ear will be and start to extrude all the edge directly followed by rotation around the 3D cursor .

Also, avoid too much distortion between 2 egdes aka take care about the un-subsurfed mesh (keep the vertices evenly distributed , don’t let them going behind other faces).

Peace :-).

Fazil - Thank you very much, I will surely start modeling using the box modeling method… Coming from a spline background I have always modeled point by point but box modeling is a good direction, I will find some use for this model thanks again…

Kaeru- Thank you for the tip, I shall reduce the vertices I def have to much to begin with…Thanks for your time…


You could also try to use a sphere as a guide (extra object) and then retopo your head on top of that. Or if you can match up the sphere use a half sphere to add it to the head and shape it as desired.

This looks very promising indeed.
He does look a bit more like a villain than a hero, however…

-Musk thank you…

-Thanks to ur guys help am making progress…am still refining his head and adding simple details…I have also reduced the poly count!!

Really nice progress.

If you are still interested in head ball topology you will find excellent walkthrough here:

The whole very informative thread is here (the guru toontje and some artist are Blender users):

Looking very good. He reminds me of Proog.

that dude was so Emo :smiley: