Cartoon Mouse (Updated)

I’m trying to make a cartoon styled mouse similar to the rats in rattatooie, but I need some guidance with my typography some general crits would be very appreciated.

Edit: Done some work on him and would be interested in your input


Nice job but this should be in the works in progress forum.

It is still allowed here. A lot of people who go in the WIP forum don’t know about topology. A lot of them do mind you but for the more advanced subjects this is a great place. You can really put a WIP here too, doesn’t matter too much really.

Looks good. It is kind of hard to see with the wireframe, could we see a solid wireframe or maybe a shaded wireframe? But I think I see some tris in there and that won’t look very good when subsurf is applied. Might just be the image. You topology looks good. I am not an expert at it but it looks good to me. Might not be optimal for animation but for modeling it seems fine. Great job!

There are no tris in this mesh. Here is the .blend file so you can have a closer look

The only alteration I’d make is to add eyelids.

Looking good so far! That’s great topology, I have to practice subsurf modeling…

your model looks very good. Nice proportions. Looking forward to see it moving!