Cartoon Pirate Scene *Done in a Day*

So this was done in less than a day. It was quite a bit of fun! I hand made all the textures in Paint.NET. I really enjoyed doing this, it’s not perfect but was just for fun. Critiques are welcome!!! I don’t really plan on doing more work on this but the critiques always help for learning!

HAHAHA thats awesome! Might i suggest adding some water so it looks like a tiny island and some grass in a few spots :smiley:

That actually is a genius idea!!! Perhaps a clump of grass at the front left corner of the box of balls. Also the render looks noisy due to the cannon texture, I added noise into the texture trying to give it a sort of bumpy metal look, it sort of backfired, oh well! I think I may work some more on this! I’m running out of inspiration to work in blender it feels like, so I suppose I should take up every chance I get at perfecting my skills.