Cartoon ripple particles .... particle age controlling

not sure to understand…

… hmmmmm … so I can have an object leap to another object’s posision every 20 frames with drivers? I dabble in drivers a fair bit but I’m not sure how I’d do that.That sounds like what I want to do… I can handle getting the animation to loop no problem.

I’m guessing the driver line would read

xpos if ( #frame % 20 ) = 0 else …

but somehow that … has to mean don’t move…

let’s do it in python…

import bpy
import random

# you can change the name object here or name your object plane
# if there is no object named "plane" it'll create one
if not 'Plane' in

# every frame change, this function is called.
def my_handler(scene):
    frame = scene.frame_current
    # here is the step looking for multiple of 25
    if frame % 25 == 0:
        x = random.randrange(-10,10) #the range in blender Unit the object ll move
        y = random.randrange(-10,10)
        z = 0.0
        ob ="Plane") #creating a brand new name for the object
        ob.location = (x, y, z) #positioning the object

By driver expression:

lazy copy/paste:

(2*noise.random()-1)*2 if (frame % 20 == 0) else var

ps: the (2*noise.random()-1) is multiplied by two to change the distance range to 2 Blender units