Cartoon style texturing

Hey guys,
im working on a project, and am looking to create a sort of cartoon-y style texture painted low poly look for my meshes to be used in a game engine, I have primarily textured in the past with a realistic /PBR look in mind with shaders or substance painter…what would be the best way to achieve this sort of look?

Texture painting with blender?? exporting to Photoshop/Krita? Or 3d Coat which I’ve heard is incredible??

Thanks guys!

Most modern games use PBR shaders, and it is possible to do toon with them, but I think you need to do it within the engine, or just do the basics in Blender and use the game engine for the finishing touches, You dont say what kind of look your after, but you can do it with Unity… i dare say you can with UE4 too.

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Thank you!