Cartoon Wood

Hey guys! I am creating a cartoon style wood for cycles and was wondering what you guys think!


Hey guys :grin:,
Here is my controller node. I am wondering how I change the names for each node socket.
Thanks for your help!
BTW, when I finish this project, this material will be free for download.

I solved my last problem thanks to a guy on stack overflow!
I also made a render showing multiple colors that can be made with the hue and saturation socket.

Looks promising, did you make the node yourself?

Cheers, Clock. :cocktail:

Yup, Its all personal hand crafted it:grin:. It only uses internal blender textures for the texturing and it works in blender 2.8.

Here is another update, I think Iā€™m pretty much ready to upload this file for everyone to use! next post will be in finished works with a like to download this material!