Cartoonish self portrait

I’m working on a new simple character that seems to be me, i hope you like it. Critics and comments are welcome.

looks good :smiley: hope to see it in an animation

Look really cool. I don’t like the square looking limbs but the modelling quality is great overall. Larger render shot would’ve been great.

Love it! Spec on the pants is too high. hands might be too simple, but I can’t see from here. Really nice work man! He is slightly cross-eyed I think. Need more shots to tell. If you make hin look at the camera (eyes only), we will all get a better feel for the character.

nice lighting

How cute ^^ You are a cute little boy aren’t you?

@ Gudra: Dude, do you know how to not be rude? As a brand new member of our community, you sure know how not to win friends and influence people. I found your self portraitonline, nice work! When you make comments, think to yourself: “How will this help?”
@ludemi: sorry to spam the thread, mods should discipline this little troll.
Mods please feel free to delete this post.

I’m 17. I 'm a little bit taller than the character I made ( I’m 1.82 mts , like 6 ft.)
Here I corrected the things you told me, the hands are still a work in progress,

I love it! The pants looked square in the first pic, and in the 2nd I don’t know if you changed that, or the angle makes it look different.

Update: modified the hands, shirt and shoes.