Cartoonish type thing

I made this a looong time ago when I was bored (when I should have been working on homework). I plan on making an animation of this, because it seems simple enough. The only hard part, I think, will be to animate the blood… -_- but I’ll figure it out.

oh right, here’s the animation

Particle blood spray should be easy enough(especially with collision detection)

Um. That is fairly hideous.

Interesting anim, but shouldnt that be in the “traditional” art section seeing as its obviously not 3D?

forget what I said. upon further examination, you said “I plan on making an animation of this,”

yesss. nice double post.

but the anim now is great! hehe.
I think you can anim the small rock manually.
the bood shouldn’t be that difficult if you use the bfBlender.

Just a little Idea for the real anim: make the klick-“sound”, too! That comes cool. :wink: