Cartoony Lab

I’m making cartoony animation about laboratory. Here is first frame render test, but something is missing, i don’t know what, but i’m not completely satisfied with result. What would you add/change here guys? Help me out !

Here is clay render

Nice render! Bottom left cabinet gives a painterly feel, is that the look you are going for? although I dont see that in any other texture.

Yes, i want to make sort of “cartoony brush strokes” style, just like children drawings. And yes i didn’t make textures on other models yet, only that cabinet, but i want to do that for all furnitures.

Very nice.

Looks allot like the style used in modern cartoon animation like “UP” and “How to train your dragon”.

It just has that unique feel.

Thank you! :slight_smile:
Now i’m thinking about some final touches. Smoke rising from bottles, or something like that

So, i added textures, and made some glows. What do you think ?

Just could not resist according to OP. :smiley:

BTW the lab looks great.


YES!!! Dexter.

Btw, nice render

Hahaha thanks!
Indeed Dexter fits there perfectly :smiley: